Push-in Spring Motor Starter Solutions

With the new complete Push-in Spring motor starting solution, one push is all you need for extremely fast wiring. No tool is required, so you can save up to 50% wiring time with Push-in Spring compared to conventional spring solutions. And the connections are just as reliable. So for speed, ease and reliability, just push it.

Speed up your projects

Imagine a motor starting solution that’s twice as fast to install. With Push-in Spring, you no longer need to imagine – it’s a reality. Push-in mode allows you to insert both ferruled and rigid cables without the need to use any tools, boosting your productivity like never before.

Easy to install

Push-in Spring technology opens up new possibilities. With its unmatched ease of use, wiring becomes far more intuitive. This eliminates the need for special training and reduces the chance of wiring error. What possibilities will it open up for you?

Continuous operation The speed and ease of Push-in Spring comes with the added reassurance of connections that are as reliable as ever. This gives you complete peace of mind when using the Push-in Spring motor starting solution.

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