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About Gross Automation and ABB Low Voltage

ABB products provide a full range of low voltage solutions. They work to connect, protect, control, and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics, and electromechanical devices. ABB is continually innovating a comprehensive range of products and systems as well as services that increase energy efficiency, reliability, and productivity for customers across multiple sectors.

Gross Automation was founded by Bob Gross, an engineer himself, in 1990. Through a focus on technical knowledge and engineering experience, Gross Automation has grown to become the premier distributor of best-in-class industrial automation and electrical control components, panels, and systems – including products from ABB.

Located just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gross Automation provides customers around the world with products and services that focus on enhancing the automation and electrical controls in various industries, such as manufacturing. By providing these, customers can produce products and run facilities to increase productivity, lower costs, and grow profits through proven application of industrial automation and electrical control technologies.

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